Junior Academy

What is the Crewe Junior Golf Academy?
The academy has been set up to promote the development of golf skills and golf knowledge within the junior section of the golf club. The aim is to provide regular access to structured coaching programmes for all junior members at all levels of development, as well as providing tuition on rules and etiquette.

All juniors will have equal access to the facilities.  Development plans for each junior will be maintained and assessed, and further coaching made available as required.  Training will be carried out by PGA Qualified Professionals and coaches.

How often will the Academy meet?
A structured calendar of events will be posted on the junior notice board and on the club’s junior website to notify members of the detail.  There will be monthly coaching sessions in the spring and summer months, with additional coaching being laid on over the school holidays. During the winter months there will be coaching, rules and etiquette sessions to keep the members topped up.

Will players of different abilities be coached separately?
Not necessarily, but there will be times when introductory and basic training will be made available to those that need it, and when they progress they will be able to join the intermediate and advanced juniors.  There will also be times when it is important to mix the ability levels so that the ‘novices’ can learn from the more experienced. This applies to both coaching and rules sessions.

How will progress be assessed?
The PGA coach and the Academy coordinator will work together to produce a development plan for each junior that will highlight areas of strength and weakness. At each coaching session they will review progress with the individual and make whatever adjustments are necessary to their training recommendations for the individual. The coaching plan will be assessed alongside the members playing progress to form an overall impression of their development over the playing season, and will highlight areas of focus for the individuals’ winter training programme.

How many different ability levels are there?
Juniors will be organised for assessment and coaching purposes into the following levels:

- Beginners who have not yet got a handicap and need to be coached on the basics of the game. The objective of the coaching is to increase levels of confidence and prepare the member for playing on the course and submit three cards over 9 holes to get their first handicap.

- Improvers with a handicap between 36 and 54 will be coached on game development and swing improvement. The objective for this group is to encourage them to extend their game skills over 18 holes and across a broader range of techniques, to move them towards the category 5 handicap level of 36 and below.

- Movers are those players who posses the basic skill-sets, have handicaps of between 28 and 36 and should be able to progress to category 4 level (21 to 28 handicap) during the course of the season. Coaching will concentrate on club selection, distance skills, course management, and improving consistency.

- Bronze Advanced players have category 4 handicaps (21 to 28 inclusive) and will struggle to achieve significant handicap improvement in the first season as a result of playing off the back tees for the first time. Accordingly coaching will concentrate on distance and accuracy as well as improved course management. Within one to two seasons these members should expect to be close to category 3 level (13 to 20 inclusive).

- Silver Advanced players have category 3 handicaps (13 to 20 inclusive) and will now be generating power and distance. Accordingly coaching will concentrate on consistency, accuracy and finesse (touch) as well as improved course management. Within one to two seasons some of these members can expect to progress to category 2 level (6 to 12 inclusive), although progress at this stage will depend more on natural talent and commitment to practice.

- Gold Advanced players have category 2 handicaps (6 – 12 inclusive), and will be demonstrating that they have natural talent. With further coaching, plenty of practice and the right mental attitude these players can expect to link the reduction in their handicap to the amount of hard work they put into the game.

- Platinum Advanced players have natural ability coupled with a drive and enthusiasm to succeed in the game. They are category 1 players with handicaps of 5 or less. Some of them may have the ambition to become PGA Professionals. They love the game, and sometimes they probably hate it as well! (Just like the rest of us). This category of player is good for the club and good for the junior section, because they are role models for the rest of the section.

What will the coaching concentrate on?

Fundamentals for the beginners
• Warm-up of the mind and the body
• Grip, Alignment, Stance and Posture (GASP)
• Swing mechanics

Game improvement for intermediates
• Club selection
• Consistency
• Accuracy
• Distance

Advanced techniques
• Fitness and training
• Balance and rhythm
• Touch and finesse
• Mastering the conditions
• Mental techniques

• Clubs, shoes, bags and trolleys
• Care
• Weather gear

The Rules of Golf
• The basics
• Case studies and quizzes
• Make the rules work for you

Etiquette and behaviour
• On and off the course

Course Management
• Learn to think your way through the round
• Risk and reward tactics
• Club selection

Is further coaching available?
Yes, you can book individual lessons with the Professional. These can be booked through the shop or by calling 01270 585032. As well as individual coaching, the club and Professional provide coaching under the Junior Academy Programme; there may be a charge for this. All juniors will receive notification of any further sessions organised to complement the academy scheme.
Further assistance with your game may be available so please contact one of the Junior Section Organisers and we will be glad to help.

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