Dress Code

At Crewe Golf Club we promote a friendly and relaxed atmosphere while maintaining a high standard of dress and behaviour both on the course and in the clubhouse.

On the Course, Putting Green and Practice Ground:

• Please wear smart golf clothing. Recognised golfing attire is permitted.
• Shirts should not be worn outside trousers, unless designed for that purpose.
• Shoes should be specifically designed for golf. Metal spikes are recommended during winter months for safety reasons.
• Headwear should be worn with the peak facing forward.

Leaving the Course:

• Please remove headwear, golf shoes and waterproof clothing in the locker rooms, as they are not allowed in the main clubhouse.

In the Clubhouse:

• Smart, clean and dry casual and golf clothing is acceptable in the clubhouse and may be worn for presentations. Smart jeans (not faded or torn) are permitted.

Inappropriate clothing for example, tracksuits, “cargo style” trousers, gym wear, football or rugby shirts or similar are not permitted on the course, practice ground or in the clubhouse.

Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse.

The management and staff of the club are empowered to take appropriate action if any member, guest, or visitor fails to conform to the standards set out in this policy.

Thank you for maintaining the standards of Crewe Golf Club.