Enthusiasm for golf in the Crewe area came initially in 1893, but came to fruition in January 1911 with the formation of Crewe Golf Club with 53 male and 16 lady members to create a nine hole course. The course was quickly established, with the Captain’s first drive off the tee in May that year. Our land here was initially leased from the Marquess of Crewe, one of the founding members, whose trophy, presented in 1915, is still awarded annually.

The course was designed by James Braid, Open Champion and renowned golf architect, gifted in his abilities to make best use of natural features to create interesting and challenging courses. We benefit from his legacy still today, both on the course and on the many other James Braid courses in the UK and Ireland, where we can play at discount rates on green fees.

The first Clubhouse was built in 1926. Further land was leased to create an 18 hole course in 1949 and finally purchased in 1965, as a result of members’ generosity and determination to secure the Club and course for our benefit and pleasure today and in the years ahead. Our predecessors in the 1950s were also farsighted in introducing a Junior section, which we continue to actively encourage with our free Junior membership and thriving Academy.